Climate and environment

Our responsibility efforts at NORDEN are integral to our business strategy. We are committed to helping our customers decarbonise their supply chains by bringing them transparency over the carbon emissions of each and every voyage; and the tools to reduce emissions – whether that is increased energy efficiency of the vessel, or by providing a carbon-neutral biofuel alternative. 

NORDEN is a founding signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter – which establishes a common framework for reporting on shipping emissions, as well as a target to decrease emissions on an annual basis. Our ambition is to always keep our carbon emissions within the trajectory set by Sea Cargo Charter.

Our climate mission

Our ambition is to help our customers decarbonise their supply chains. To do this we will bring them accurate transparency on the carbon footprint of every freight transport, and we will work with our partners to co-create competitive greener shipping solutions.

NORDEN's 5 climate commitments

Carbon emissions transparency

NORDEN provides a carbon emissions estimate prior to every journey, and a post-voyage emissions report. Transparency over emissions allows our customers to make decisions on freight transport based not just on price and date but on environmental impact too.

Greener shipping solutions

NORDEN is developing a number of greener shipping solutions for our customers. These range from using advanced analytics for increased vessel efficiency, to carbon-neutral biofuel sailings.

Reduction in CO2

In the short-term, NORDEN is committed to reducing carbon emissions in line with the targets and downward trajectory set by Sea Cargo Charter

Zero-emission vessels from 2030

NORDEN commits to only ordering new vessels with the latest zero-emission technology from 2030 at the latest, in order to meet our decarbonisation goal.

Net-zero emissions by 2050

Achieving net-zero by 2050 requires a shift to new zero-carbon fuels and technologies in shipping. We are working with Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller Center for Zero Carbon Shipping, on developing these solutions.

Partnership with Maersk Mckinney Møller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping

NORDEN is proud to be a corporate partner of the Maersk Mckinney Møller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping which works with stakeholders across the industry on a mission to decarbonise the maritime sector. Members of our own decarbonisation team at NORDEN are directly involved in ongoing projects to develop future fuels and new zero-carbon technologies, and our vessels are used as test laboratories for new technologies and fuels.

Read more about the Maersk Mckinney Møller Centre for Zero Carbon Shipping here.
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NORDEN develops automated emissions reporting solution to support customers

NORDEN’s in-house Advanced Analytics and Digital Solutions team has developed an emissions reporting data solution, which creates automated transparency on carbon emissions for our customers.
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NORDEN launches carbon-neutral freight transport

NORDEN has launched a 100% carbon-neutral biofuel sailing option for customers looking to decarbonise their supply chains. The biofuel sailing is the first in a range of green freight products to be rolled out to customers this year as part of NORDEN’s transition to zero-carbon shipping by 2050.
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NORDEN commits to transparent reporting of shipping emissions

NORDEN joins industry stakeholders in signing up to the Sea Cargo Charter

In 2020, NORDEN became a founding signatory of the Sea Cargo Charter, which commits members to transparent reporting of shipping emissions within the tanker and dry cargo segments. The Sea Cargo Charter establishes a common framework for a transparent and consistent approach to tracking emissions which is critical to making shipping more sustainable. The initiative will allow customers to make decisions on choosing carriers based not only on economics, but also on minimising the environmental footprint of their cargo.

Read more about our commitment to Sea Cargo Charter here.
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