NORDEN launches carbon-neutral freight transport


NORDEN has launched a 100% carbon-neutral biofuel sailing option for customers looking to decarbonise their supply chains.

The biofuel sailing is the first in a range of green freight products to be rolled out to customers this year as part of NORDEN’s transition to zero-carbon shipping by 2050.
NORDEN has secured supply of biofuel made from waste cooking oil and is in discussion with several customers over the first carbon-neutral freight contract.
“Our ambition is to help our customers reduce carbon emissions in the supply chain. To this end we are very proud to offer an eco-friendly freight transport using pure, carbon-neutral biofuel,” said Adam Nielsen, Head of Logistics and Climate Solutions.

“We believe there is a growing demand for carbon-neutral transportation from our customers – particularly those with ambitious sustainability goals,” added Nielsen. “We are ready to support those customers that wish to take the leap to an environmentally-friendly form of freight transport.” 

The advantage of biofuel, over other eco fuels, is that it can be used onboard existing vessels without any modifications to current engine design.
NORDEN aims to scale up the biofuel offering as global production becomes more advanced, and biofuels can be developed from new alternative sources.
“We see biofuel as a very important transition fuel on our journey to zero-carbon shipping as it can be used onboard our current vessels to make an immediate reduction on carbon emissions,” said Henrik Røjel, Head of decarbonisation at NORDEN.

NORDEN has committed to net-zero emission shipping by 2050 as part of its climate strategy.  Read more on our five climate commitments here

Further information
For further information please contact NORDEN’s Head of Communication
Anne-Louise Dam-Rasmussen on (+45) 21561564.