The Company's share capital consists of 39,200,000 shares of DKK 1 each, amounting to DKK 39,200,000. 

NORDEN has around 14,000 registered institutional and private shareholders.


The following shareholders have registered ownership of 5% or more of the Company's shares - number of treasury shares are also listed:

Shareholder Registered office Number of shares Ownership in %
A/S Motortramp Stensved, Denmark 12,198,030 31.12
Dampskibsselskabet NORDEN A/S (treasury shares) Hellerup, Denmark 1,539,439 4.33
Registered ownership of below 5% of the Company's shares 62%
Not registered shareholders 4%

Geographical distribution

Denmark 56%
USA 18%
Luxembourg 6%
Great Britain 6%
Ireland 5%
Other 9%

Latest update: June 2021

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