Our governance structure ensures alignment with long-term shareholder interests and management of NORDEN in accordance with relevant national and international regulations. NORDEN strives to uphold the highest standards for business ethics in our operations.

As a global company, we operate in regions where concepts of integrity and good business conduct vary, which can pose challenges. However, non-compliance can lead to legal and reputational risks, damaging our licence to operate. To prevent any form of corruption, we focus on ensuring a strong governance foundation, setting the direction for what we define as good business conduct, no matter where in the world we do business.

Taking a firm stance on preventing any form of corruption is an integral part of our ambition to enable smarter global trade.

Our Governance priorities

Sustainable procurement

As a globally operating company, we interact with numerous vendors around the world, and it is a priority for NORDEN to ensure sustainable procurement in collaboration with our external stakeholders. NORDEN seeks to enable sustainable procurement by integrating ESG matters into our procurement processes and decisions.

Going forward, we will be assessing and working with our suppliers to become more sustainable and sustainable procurement will be anchored in our procurement model.

Our ambition:
- 30% strategic suppliers by 2023

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NORDEN call ports all over the world every day and occasionally face challenges - particularly in countries where corruption presents a higher risk. In this business context, making the right choice becomes ever more complex and increasingly important.

Corruption impedes access to global markets and constitutes economic and social development barriers. Therefore NORDEN takes firm measures to prevent any form of corruption as part of our ambition to deliver smarter global trade.

- 100% passed e-learning courses
- 0 confirmed bribery cases at all time

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ESG governance structure

Governance of our ESG strategy, target setting and the ultimate accountability lies with our Board of Directors.

The Sustainability Executive Body is responsible for outlining and formalising the ESG strategy as well as monitoring and reviewing the overall ESG performance and progress, in addition to overseeing ongoing projects and initiatives under the ESG strategy.

To ensure alignment of ESG with business priorities, the responsibility for the different ESG focus areas is embedded into core business functions, where designated ESG owners are responsible for the implementation and progress of ESG-related initiatives.

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