Using industry know-how to solve supply chain disruptions


Primary exporter of grain in western Australia, Co-operative Bulk Handling (CBH), faced disruptions when the port from where it operates, implemented restrictions to the size of vessels, which could enter the port in December 2020. 

The restrictions meant that we couldn’t utilise the same fleet as usually, and we now had to charter in different and smaller vessels. However, NORDEN supplied us with data indicating that it should be possible to navigate the port with the original vessel type without compromising on safety, “explains Pia van Wyngaard, Head of Chartering at CBH. 

Based on data and experience, NORDEN, CBH and third-party consultant, Propel Marine, entered a collaboration to simulate that it was possible to navigate the port with the original vessel type, and in May 2022 the restrictions were revoked.

With this collaboration, we were able to avoid a 10-15% increase in freight rates as well as increased emissions. Furthermore, the collaboration not only helped us, but also many other shippers in the port,” Pia finishes. 

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