Risk adjusted returns in focus


Rising market volatility, geopolitical complexity and digitalisation drive the need for NORDEN to be even more focused on data, analytics and risk management. With a commercial strategy based on tradable assets and positions; data, analytics and risk management are key elements in our trading strategies. Not least of all, our FFA strategy. 

After a couple of years of testing and running multiple algorithmic trading models with profitable returns, we’re now ready to take our FFA activities to the next level.

“Today, our FFA days exceed our physical days,” says COO Christian Vinther Christensen. “We have built multiple trading algorithms to provide recurring profits and equally importantly, valuable signals to our chartering people working the many regional markets. These models are a risk diversification of our outright market exposure, generating steady returns and base margins.”

The ambition now is to grow this part of the business and to do so, FFA veteran Per Heilmann has been brought on board, tasked with an expansion of the FFA desk and team. 

“Advanced data analytics enables stronger predictions and business decisions in a fragmented and analogue industry,” says Per Heilmann, Head of FFA and Algo Trading at NORDEN. “NORDEN has superior data analytics capabilities and I’m genuinely impressed with the data, trading and service-oriented culture at NORDEN, where there is a freedom to act within the risk limits of a superior risk framework.”

Per comes with 20 years’ experience with FFA trading, working previously in freight trading roles at Maersk Tankers, Castleton Commodities International and Heidmar.  

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Algorithmic trading - Algo trading is the executing of orders using automated pre-programmed trading instructions, which take into account variables such as time, price and volume.