Solid growth in NORDEN’s revamped pool


While tanker markets are at record highs, an increasing number of owners and operators are looking to NORDEN Tanker Pool for commercial management.

“The restructuring of the pool has hit a sweet spot with many potential pool participants and resulted in some great new participants joining the pool”, says Søren Huscher, Head of NORDEN Tanker Pool. “For our new joiners, focus is the attractive earnings the pool generates and the value we provide to the members.”

During 2022, 10 new participants have joined the pool, adding 19 vessels to the NORDEN Tanker Pool, of which the majority are MRs.

The enhanced pool offers a combination of strong human capital, top TC earnings, value creation and an intelligent use of data. These enhanced pool services have been tailored around the values and competitive edges of NORDEN, delivering value to customers through strong returns to partners, solid partner support and a focus on the decarbonisation agenda. 

For some pool participants, the NORDEN- financed accelerated cash distribution (ACD) facility is a vital part of the value creation, as prompt distribution of earnings, whether revenues have been received or not, is of paramount importance. The facility enables participants to know the exact cash flows to ensure adherence to the dividend policy.  

Learn more about NORDEN Tanker Pool and our 3 core commitments to pool partners here.

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