NORDEN joins shipping decarbonisation coalition


NORDEN has signed up to become a member of the Getting to Zero Coalition. Launching at the United Nations Climate Action Summit this week, the Getting to Zero Coalition seeks to create awareness of the need for transition to zero emission vessels as part of the global shipping sector’s ongoing decarbonisation.

Founded by non-profit organisation Global Maritime Forum, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Friends of Ocean Action, the coalition sets out a set of core principles shared by the members.

Common objectives

NORDEN joins the coalition as the principles mirror the company’s way of doing business. Alongside a continued focus on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, NORDEN recently created a dedicated decarbonisation unit and continues to test the use of biofuel.

“We wish to increase the awareness of the need to develop real alternatives that can make the development of vessels with zero emissions possible. We in NORDEN have already set sail with various initiatives such as biofuel to help the agenda on its way, and we see the establishment of this new coalition as another step. A step we are proud to take with other highly reputed members from other related industries, sharing the common ambition of zero emission vessels,” says NORDEN CEO Jan Rindbo.

By supporting the Getting to Zero Coalition, members show they are committed to the important decarbonisation of deep-sea shipping, working towards the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by 50% by 2050 as agreed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2018.


About The Getting to Zero Coalition

The Getting to Zero Coalition works to achieve a more decarbonised shipping industry, with aims of achieving a 50% decarbonisation by 2050. To achieve this, the coalition encourages a deeper understanding of zero-emission fuels and initiatives to make deep-sea zero emissions vessels (ZEV’s) commercially viable in the near future. 

Members of the coalition are committed to the decarbonisation of deep-sea shipping in line with the IMO’s emission strategy and encouraged to knowledge share to achieve the best results.