Share transactions - Leading employees


As stated in NORDEN’s annual report of 2 March 2016, NORDEN has established a share option programme for leading employees and other key employees, in total 63 employees (against 65 employees last year). Each share option entitles the recipient to acquire one NORDEN share with a nominal value of DKK 1. The programme includes a total of 389,159 share options. The share options may be exercised in the period from 10 March 2019 to 10 March 2022.

The exercise price of the options is determined as the five-day average of the market price following 2 March 2016, less all dividend payments after 2 March 2016 plus an addition of 10%.

According to section 28A of the Danish Securities Trading Act, the Company shall report the following information about the transactions of leading employees and employee-elected board members in the Company’s shares and related securities:

Announcement no. 5