Agility and constant change


Mathias Bjarnhoff


Danish Shipping Academy Graduate

Position at NORDEN:

Senior Bunkers Manager

How long have you been with NORDEN?

I joined NORDEN in 2017. 

Fun fact

I love sports in general. I really enjoy running and testing the limits of my body in half and full marathons. I use it as a psychological battle with myself and live by the motto ‘limitations are only perceptions’ - a competitive mindset that I surely bring to work every day and use as a daily motivation factor. On the less athletic side, I enjoy following the stock and commodity market where I handle my own portfolio in short- and long-term trading.

What is your background?

My professional background consists of trading experience from my previous job at Monjasa, where I had the title Bunker trader, dealing with bunker suppliers and direct clients all over the world.

I have always been into sales. Most recently, I had my own company, selling high-end jewellery to end consumers around the world, a very knowledgeable process that brought me lots of hands-on experience to further use in my professional shipping career.

What does your typical workday look like?

My typical day at NORDEN is luckily never fully alike. The always changing shipping and oil industry brings various challenges throughout the day, usually to be solved within a very slim timeframe. In the bunker department, we handle all the bunker fuel needed for the entire NORDEN and Norient Pool fleet, currently consisting of around 400 vessels. We follow the everchanging oil market index closely the entire day, making decisions on when to buy, cancel or make contracts if we spot a good position in the market.

In my position, I am lucky to be in constant dialogue with both the operation and chartering departments, either cooperating on upcoming fixtures for the chartering team or working closely together with the operation teams on optimising the deals made. Bunker expenses take up a large part of the full expenses for the average voyage, making my job of saving those last 3-4% crucial for profiting well on a fixture with bunker expenses of up to USD 1,000,000 on a single voyage.

What it is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is the agility and constant change in the market, combined with high intense daily trading. For a competitive-minded guy like me, it is a joy to follow every small success throughout the day. As I conclude roughly 10 deals every day, it is important for me to do my absolute best in obtaining the best solution for each voyage.

Why did you choose NORDEN?

It was a natural path in my career to choose NORDEN, being one of the most dominating players in dry and tanker shipping. That, combined with the always energetic and positive vibe on the floor, makes for a great place to be now and in the future.

It was a natural path in my career to choose NORDEN, being one of the most dominating players in dry and tanker shipping.
Mathias Bjarnhoff, Senior Bunkers Manager